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Trusted & reliable, midsun stone

Trusted & reliable, midsun stone

Midsun Stone is one of lead manufacturers and exporters of headstones, monuments, grave vases, garden fountains.

Highly experienced handicrafts

Lapidas & Jarrones

  • Specialized in Spanish Models.

  • rich experience for 20 years.

  • high quality, complete supply chain.

  • Good Reputation from Spanish Clients.

Highly experienced handicrafts

Landscape & Monuments

As one of lead supplier of headstones and monuments in China, our designers and craftsmen own rich experience in the memorial industry, including modeling, carving, etching, engraving, polishing, etc.

Main Stone Products from Midsun

Midsun Stone, the manufacturer of cemetery vases, lanterns, funeral ornaments and headstones in China, owns rich experience and superior craftsmanship, enjoys the reputation in European and American market.

Vases & Gardeners

memorial vases / garden lanterns, made out of natural granite and marble.

Tombstones & Monuments

Headstones, monuments, cemetery project, funerary park, various styles for different countries

Landscape Stone

Water Fountains, Sculptures and Carvings, Memorial tablets, Stone Handicrafts, etc.


Various colors of natural stone materials from the world, including granite and marble.

Highly experienced midsun

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granite cemetery vases, tombstones, manufactured by Midsun Stone, various stone colors and sizes available, are popular at Europe and America.


  • We’re fully protected with the correct equipment

  • We have all of the regulatory safety certificates

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